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42 best math apps (Teacher recommended for K-12)

Math is one of the most essential skills that students learn in school. Unfortunately, many students hate math and see it as a difficult subject. This doesn’t have to be the case though! With the right math apps and tools, students can enjoy practicing math and improve their skills. This article will list the 107 best math apps for K-12 students. These apps are recommended by teachers and have been proven to help students learn and practice math in a fun way!

As well as being a teacher I’m a mother too. If you’re a parent like me, you want your child to understand math. As a high school mathematics teacher since 2007, I have worked with students of all abilities including learning disabilities across a range of different schools.

These are the best math apps and online tools I have found to help students learn basic math fundamentals, consolidate their understanding and have fun whilst learning math.

What is the Best Math App?

Here are my top picks for the best math apps to use this year.

Table of Contents

Math apps for kids


Mathseeds is a math app and online tool that helps kids aged three to nine years old learn math. It is packed with fun games, activities, and rewards that make learning math enjoyable for kids.

Mathseeds covers all the key math concepts that kids need to know in a way that is engaging and interactive.

I love that this app provides different ways for kids to learn the same concept. This helps kids who struggle with one method to understand the concept using another method.

Math topics: Major topics for Kindergarten to Grade 3

Cost: Monthly or yearly subscriptions available and includes Reading Eggs

Get a free 30-day trial here.

Komodo maths

Komodo is an online math tool made by teachers that helps kids aged five to 11 years old learn math. It is designed to help kids who struggle with math and need a little extra help.

Komodo provides step-by-step tutorials, activities, and games to help kids understand math concepts. It complements the UK National curriculum.

I love that this app offers different levels of difficulty for each concept. This allows kids to work at their own pace and really understand the concept before moving on.

Math topics: Komodo starts at around age 5 with counting and number recognition and goes through to age 11 with fractions, decimals, and percentages. All of the core skills including multiplication (& times tables) and division are covered along the way.

Cost: Monthly or yearly subscriptions available

Get your free 14-day trial here

Teach Me: Math facts

Math Facts is a program that helps grade school students memorize math facts. When doing more complicated math problems, having the ability to recall simple math facts quickly is important.

There are quizzes by fact group (for example multiplication by 5’s), fun virtual rewards & an achievements screen that displays trophies for each fact group. Plus it is all fully customizable.

Math topics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

Cost: USD1.99

Marble Math Junior

Marble Math Junior is an app that helps students practice mental math. They can earn new marbles and collect bonuses as they learn. The goal is to get a high score.

I love how gameplay can be customized to focus on specific math concepts and problems can be spoken for early learners who aren’t reading yet.

Math topics: Shape recognition/sequencing, number values, and ordinals, addition, subtraction and multiplication to 100, identifying fractions, counting money (USD, AUD, CAD, EUR or GBP), telling time, completing addition equations, and more.

Cost: USD3.99

Khan academy kids

Khan Academy Kids is a free, fun, educational app for children aged 2-8. It’s packed with games, activities, and books to spark a child’s lifelong curiosity.

It offers a personalized learning path for students allowing each child to learn at their own pace.

My 6-year-old daughter loves the songs and videos. They keep her engaged with the animation and puppetry.

Math topics: counting, numbers, addition, subtraction, shapes, and measuring PLUS reading and literacy, language, and logic.

Cost: FREE + no ads!

Math apps for high school students

As a high school math teacher, I often get asked for recommendations for math apps that students can use to help with their homework and deepen their understanding of core numeracy skills. Here are some of my favorites.

Dragon box algebra 12+

This app helps students develop advanced algebraic concepts and builds on the Dragonbox Algebra 5+ math app. Teachers and students love this app.

It is based on a pedagogical method from Norway that focuses on discovery and experimentation.

Math topics: Directed Numbers, expanding brackets, factorizing, collecting like terms, substitution, addition of fractions with common denominators

Cost: USD9.99


More an Online Learning System than an app by the Art of Problem Solving. Alcumus adjusts to students’ performances and delivers suitable problems and lessons. It was created with high-performing students in mind, providing them with a rigorous curriculum that is suited to their needs.

Math topics: Algebra, number theory, geometry, probability, preCalculus.

Cost: Free

Brainly- Homework help app

This is an app where students can use a phone to snap a quick photo of a question to look up the Brainly database of step-by-step homework solutions, get help from other students in the community about a problem, or seek one-on-one assistance from a tutor. It has mixed reviews.

Math topics: All topics and levels from elementary school, middle school, high school and college.

Cost: Free

Socratic by google

Powered by google AI , this app can answer questions just by taking a photo. It’s great for getting quick help with math problems on the go. Scoring 4.9/5 on the app store students can ask any question and get step-by-step answers.

Math topics: Any topic

Cost: Free


An educational gaming app for middle school students offering personalized learning so students can consolidate or enrich the concepts being covered in class.

Math topics: All topics from 1st to 8th grade aligned with the Common Core Standards

Cost: Free


CK12 includes instructional interactives, immediate feedback (formative) questions, end of lesson quizzes, and adaptive practice.

I love that CK12 promotes exploratory learning through its interactive applets which allow students to explore concepts in an open-ended environment. This helps them learn and understand the material better.

Math topics: PreCalculus, algebra I, algebra II, geometry plus topics for 1st to 8th grade

Cost: Free

MathMan – Math tests and theory

MathMan is a great math app for high school students. It helps students learn and practice their math skills in a fun and challenging way.

I love that this app allows you to customize the level of difficulty to match each student’s ability.

Mathman can help you with:

✅ Studying for exams like ACT, SAT, GED, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, K-12, and many more

✅ Refreshing your math skills after holidays,

✅ Written exams and tests

Math topics: Basic Operations, prime factorization, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratios, powers and roots, polynomials, linear and quadratic equations, complex numbers

Cost: Free


More of an online resource than an app, Problemo is a unique collection of problems from real-world scenarios to make math meaningful.

It includes more than 80 quality math problems as well as tips, extensions and written solutions for all problems.

Some of my independent learners from the 8th grade love the challenge of these questions.

Math topics: Problems are classified according to the content strands and topics of the Australian Curriculum.

Cost: Free

Kranse Institute

The leader in digital test prep courses is Kranse Institute. Created by a perfect score student and focused on strategy rather than memorization.

Kranse Institute offers an SAT Math Prep course which is a great option for students wanting to improve their math score for the SAT. The course includes 18 hours of live instruction and 48 hours of practice tests and review.

Math topics: Test prep for SAT, PSAT, ACT, GMAT

Cost: USD499


GCSE math helper and solver covering over 70 topics with the free version and over 120 topics with the pro version. The pro version also includes interactive quizzes.

It has 7 solvers and calculators and I love it’s simple easy to use interface. imathematics is a useful reference tool that includes essential math theory and formulas.

Math topics: Most major topics for years 7 to 12.

Cost: free or USD4.49


We use Mathspace at my school and I love it. It’s great to review and consolidate classwork and prepare for tests with over 70,000 interactive questions.

I love that students get instant feedback and there are hints if you get stuck. For students with ipads or other tablets, it can recognize handwriting so you can write your working out and get it marked on the spot.

It covers the curriculum from many countries:

* Australia: Australian Curriculum 5-12

* USA: Common Core for Middle School, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry

* United Kingdom: Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, GCSE

* Singapore: Secondary 1- 4

* Hong Kong: Secondary 1-3

* International: World of Maths

Math topics: Everything from addition to algebra, geometry to graphing, probability to statistics.

Cost: Starts at $20/student via school groups. $99 for homeschooling.

Start a free trial here

Math apps to solve problems

Math apps can be a great way to help students with homework. There are a variety of tools and resources to help students understand and solve math problems.


Photomath is a math app that helps students solve math problems. It uses the camera on your phone to take a picture of the math problem and shows you how to solve it with step-by-step solutions.

I love that this app can be used to help with homework, study for upcoming tests, and ACTs/SATs. If your child is struggling with a math problem, you can take a picture of it and show them how to solve it.

Get expert explanations, tips & hints, and see animations to help you visualize and understand each step.

Math topics: arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors, algebra, linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, graphing, polynomials, geometry, trigonometry/Precalculus, identities, conic sections, vectors, sequences and series, logarithmic functions, calculus, limits, derivatives, integrals, curve sketching, statistics, combinations, factorials

Cost: Free

Microsoft Maths Solver – HW app

Microsoft Maths Solver provides step-by-step worked solutions to math problems which are powerful for independent learners. Students can scan, draw or type a question in. It also has a calculator, unit converter, and graphing tool. Students are given the option to take a 5 or 10 question quiz to consolidate their new knowledge with links to videos if they want further explanations.

Math topics: arithmetic, real, complex numbers, LCM, GCD, factors, roman numerals, radicals and exponents, fractions, matrices, determinants, Algebra, quadratic equations, a system of equations, inequalities, rational expressions, linear, quadratic, and exponential graphs, word problems on math concepts, number theory, probability, volume, surface area, calculus, summations, limits, derivatives, integrals, statistics, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, permutations, combinations

Cost: Free

CameraMath – Homework help

CameraMath helps students complete their homework by taking a picture of the math problem and providing step-by-step solutions. It is rated 4.7/5 by users.

Math topics: Arithmetic, algebra I, algebra II, pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometric, statistics, geometry

Cost: Free

MathMaster: Tutors 24/7

Use the help of experts in chat, snap a photo get a solution, and get instant answers with this math app

I love that this app includes step-by-step solutions which help students understand “how” and “why” math problems are solved.

 Math topics: Basic math, algebra: linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, graphing, polynomials, Trigonometry/Precalculus: identities, sequences and series, logarithmic functions, Calculus: limits, derivatives, integrals, Statistics: combinations, factorials

Cost: Free

Get the app here.


For senior high school students needing help to solve integrals, derivates, and limits. This app provides step-by-step descriptions and graphs.

This app can help you understand how to solve problems and help those who are having difficulties with their homework.

Math topics: Integrals, derivatives, limits, trigonometry, logarithms, equations, algebra

Cost: Free


Solves algebra, trigonometry, and calculus problems with step-by-step solutions. The step-by-step explanations help you understand how to solve the problem and also how to do other similar problems on your own.

Symbolab includes hundreds of powerful calculators including a graphing calculator, fractions, equations, integrals, derivates, and more.

The step-by-step explanations helps you to not only solve the problem but to learn how to do similar problems on your own. 

Math topics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Functions, Matrix, Vectors, Geometry, and Statistics.

Cost: Free to see the answer, paid subscriptions to view step-by-step solutions


Another math problem solver app that provides step-by-step solutions. This is a great app, rated 4.5/5, that helps students stuck on their algebra homework.

Students can take a photo of the problem and see step-by-step solutions completely free of charge.

Math topics: algebra, calculus, and graphing

Cost: Free or USD4.99/month for no ads and to see how and why a step is taken.

Graphing calculator by Mathlab

This is a scientific graphing calculator great for school and college students. This calculator app can be used by students in the classroom and for homework but not for exams as it gives solutions.

Math topics: Scientific calculator, graphing calculator, fraction calculator, algebra calculator, probability, statistics, matrix calculator

Cost: Free

Best Math Tutor apps

Whilst it is great for students who are independent learners to be able to use a math homework helper app for immediate help with their homework sometimes it helps to speak to a tutor who can explain the concept and help fill in any gaps in prior knowledge.

Here are the best math tutor apps for when you need private one on one support.


Offering unlimited 1:1 instant online support, Skooli is your go-to for affordable tutoring.

Students can type in a question and browse the available online tutors. You can see how tutors are rated and a picture of them.

Both tutors and students have access to an interactive whiteboard so you can both write, draw & collaborate on equations and problems. I love that you can see your tutor with live video, chat with instant messaging, share files like diagrams, exams, and homework as well replay tutoring sessions.

Math topics: Calculus, algebra, geometry, statistics + elementary, middle and high school math topics.

Cost: From $0.65/minute


With Wyzant, you can find math tutors best suited to your needs. Wyzant creates personalized matches by first getting to know how you learn best and the skills that come most naturally to you. Then they match those skills and learning styles with a tutor who can best help you reach your goals—whether it’s completing homework sets or preparing for tests.

Compare tutors based on student ratings, qualifications, and price. Chat with instant messaging and schedule sessions easily.

Math topics: Elementary math, pre-Algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, preCalculus, calculus, statistics, probability,

Cost: Tutor prices vary


Live online math tutoring for K-5 in small personalized groups, up to 3 kids. Simply enrol in a course without any upfront cost and get your first class free so you can ensure it is a good fit.

Splash is great for homeschooling or anyone who has missed a lot of school and needs to fill concept gaps.

Math topics: Addition, subtraction, measurement, shapes, time, money, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals.

Cost: $20/class

Hello thinkster

Hello thinkster offers online math tutoring with guaranteed results using AI driven coaching. After completing a skills assessment students complete a questionnaire to help get matched to a math tutor.

In the 1:1 tutoring sessions, the elite math tutor can help with homework problems and test preparation. Students receive a personalized study plan and curated worksheets.

Math topics: K-8th grade, Algebra I & Geometry aligned to the Common Core Standards.

School tutoring Academy

Offering online tutoring, one on one tutoring and tutoring programs, School Tutoring Academy tutor students of all ages and abilities, including kids with learning difficulties such as ADD and ADHD.

Personalized learning plans are created for each student.

Math topics: From Pre-K and Kindergarten through to HIgh school Algebra I, algebra II, calculus & geometry.

Cost: Affordable pricing


Whilst Prodigy is an engaging math game (see below), students can also get extra support with 1:1 online math tutoring from certified math teachers in an interactive classroom.

This is a great option for students that need one-off or regular personalized support to fill gaps, build confidence or need homework support.

Math topics: All topics

Cost: From USD24

Book a free session here.

Math apps for times tables

Times tables are important because they help students to understand division and multiplication. They also help with problem-solving skills.

As a high school math teacher knowing the times tables is an essential math skill that makes learning high school math easier. These are my top picks for the best math apps for students to learn the times tables.

Squeebles Times Tables

Squeebles Times Tables is a math app designed to help kids aged five to 11 years old learn their times tables. It is packed with fun games and activities that make learning the times tables enjoyable for kids.

I love that this app allows kids to earn rewards as they progress. This motivates them to keep learning and practicing their times tables.

Math topics: Times tables from 1 to 15.

Cost: USD3.99

Maths Champions

Maths Champions has a multiplayer mode allowing kids to compete against each other and motivates them to keep practicing their times tables.

Students can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As they get questions correct the question difficulty increases.

There are 2 games in the free version and 10 games in the premium version.

Math topics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

Cost: Free

Quizlet flashcards & learning

With Quizlet you can create your own flashcard sets and share them with friends. It is great for studying and practicing questions in learn mode. There is a free version and extra features are optional.

Math topics: Any topic

Cost: Free

Engaging times tables

This math app llows students to learn the times tables by following an adventure game. My 6-year-old daughter loves this game. Try it for free and then unlock the full game.

Math topics: times tables

Cost: Free

Math apps for homeschooling

Whilst these are great math apps for homeschooling and complement learning math in real life around the home, they are not exclusively used for homeschooling. Anyone can use these apps to learn and develop key math skills.


Students are given ten questions to review and consolidate their understanding of any topic. They can choose a topic or it can be assigned by their teacher.

Students love changing their avatar and playing LIVE Mathletics where they can compete against students from all over the world.

Whilst the app is free you need a Mathletics account to use it. Students can earn awards which are motivating.

Math topics: All topics

Cost: From AUD19.95/month

Get a free trial of Mathletics here.

Khan academy

Khan Academy has thousands of interactive exercises, videos, and articles. Students can practice their math skills through exercises, quizzes, and tests with instant feedback and step-by-step hints.

You can download videos to watch later when you’re not online and if you create an account it will sync across your devices, tailor your learning to your level and give recommendations for which skills to try next.

Math topics: All topics

Cost: Free

DragonBox Numbers

DragonBox Numbers is a game that teaches children the concepts of counting, addition, and subtraction by developing their number sense. The game is simple to use and enjoyable, yet it provides your kids with the foundations they’ll need for future math learning. Suitable for 4-8-year-olds.

DragonBox also offer a complete math pack which includes DragonBox Numbers, DragonBox Algebra 5+, DragonBox Algebra 12+ & DragonBox Elements which is focussed on Geometry.

Math topics: Addition, subtraction and number sense

Cost: Free

Moose Math

Moose Math is a game where kids can earn rewards to build their own city. There are 5 multi-level activities that offer young children a safe and entertaining environment to explore and learn in.

Students learn and develop math skills based on Common Core Standards.

My 6 year old daughter woke up delighted to find this app on her iPad this morning and has been making smoothies, practicing addition, and laughing with joy when our neighbor turned the smoothie green after making a mistake.

Math topics: Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Geometry, 2D Shapes, sorting

Cost: Free

Quick Math Jr

This is a great app for developing number sense. Perfect for children aged 3-7. It is adaptive and adjusts the difficulty of the questions to each student.

It features 12 games aligned with the US Common Core Standards and Australian National Curriculum. Students progress from multiple choice to handwritten answers.

Students can create their own monster which then appears in the game.

Math topics: Counting, addition, subtraction, place value, writing numbers, skip counting, mental arithmetic + more

Cost: Free

Osmo Pizza Co.

Osmo Pizza Co app requires the Osmo Base and Pizza Co tiles so that students can run their own pizza shop developing money and social skills with this game that combines tactile learning with technology.

This is so much more than a math app. It’s a hands-on learning experience that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction.

This game helps improve your child’s numeracy skills in math. They will learn how to add and subtract, as well as work with fractions. They will also learn how to do mental math quickly, and how to communicate with others nonverbally. In addition, this game teaches basic business concepts such as costs, profits, and giving the correct change.

Math topics: Addition, subtraction, fractions, mental math, money.

Cost: Free but you need the Osmo Base and Pizza Co. tiles

Math games

There is no denying that games are fun! When maths is gamified it becomes engaging and students can learn and consolidate their math skills. Here are a few of math apps that are games.

Math learner: Cool Maths games

Based on a proven Japanese methodology this app includes over 500 exercises for students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The complexity of these math activities is exactly what you want it to be. Kids must make and apply judgments as they play. They must solve problems and make decisions. Kids have a chance to win, but it’s not certain. That adds excitement and adventure to the game.

Math topics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Cost: Free


Prodigy is a math adventure game that kids love. It’s engaging, adaptive, and aligned to state curricula. Students get to create their own character and progress through levels 1 to 100 while practicing math.

Over 1200 essential math skills are developed as students answer math questions to complete epic quests.

Prodigy differentiates the content based on each student’s ability. Some students practice fluency and knowledge of basic concepts and routine procedures. Other students interpret and understand what the question is asking.

Math topics: Major math topics from grades 1 to 8.

Cost: Free with paid memberships available

Best Math Apps: Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best math apps available. With so many great options, there is sure to be an app that your child will love and that will help them with their math skills!

More math apps and online math tools will continue to be added to this page.

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